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Phenix 16th Thematic tourney 2019
phenix(25.01.2019) The editorial board of Phenix are annoncing their 16th Thematic Tourney. It is asked to compose problems with these options of WinChloe : Conditionsfromply=n and / or Conditionsuntilply=n
There are four sections :
Section A - direct mates (#2-n, s#2-n, r#2-n) with stalemate (=) and double-stalemate (= =) accepted
Section B - helpmates (h#2-n) with stalemate (=) et double-stalemate (= =) accepted
Section C - series (sd#2-n, sh#2-n, ss#2-n, sr#2-n), with stalemate (=) et double-stalemate (= =) accepted
Section D - hs# 2-n coups (with stalemate (=) et double-stalemate (= =) accepted)
Any number of problems by each author in each section.
All problems must be tested by WinChloe (C+).
In case of a small number of participants, sections might be reduced to only one award.
Limit date for sending ; July 1st 2019, to the Tourney’s director : Laurent Riguet, 1 rue Jules Verne, F-60560 Orry la Ville or to the internet adress : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The judge is Petko Petkov.
You can see many EXAMPLES in the article THE WONDERFUL FAIRY OPTIONS OF WINCHLOE By IGM Petko Petkov published few days ago in KoBulChess. To see it CLICK HERE.

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