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Venelin Alaikov MT - 2013

alaikov   KoBulChess.com announces memorial tourney on the occasion of GM Venelin Alaikov's 80th anniversary (born on 18.02.1933) in the following sections: 




- Section A: S#3-7 without any fairy pieces or conditions. Theme free.

Judge: Diyan Kostadinov


- Section B: H#2-3 or HS#2-3 with fairy piece Andernach Grasshopper (AG). White, black, neutral AG are allowed, but other fairy pieces or conditions are not accepted.

Judge: Krassimir Gandev


Andernach Grasshopper - Like a normal Grasshopper (moves along Queen-lines over another unit of either colour to the square immediately beyond that unit) but it changes colour of the piece it jumps over (except the Kings and the neutral pieces).


Krassimir Gandev

Strate Gems 2011


h#2  4 solutions (1+15)

c3, e8, f8, g6 - Andernach Grasshoppers


1.AGa1(wPb2) b3 2.AGg8 (wAGf8) AGh8 (wAGg8)#

1.AGc1 (wPc2) c3 2.AGd8(wAGe8) AGc8 (wAGd8)#

1.AGc6(wBc5) Kb6 2.AGd8 (wAGe8) AGb5 (wAGc6)#

1.AGg3 (wSf3) Sd2 2.AGg7 (wAGg6) AGd3 (wQe4)#


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Closing date: 18.01.2013





+2 #1 R. Ganapathi 2012-10-25 08:13
Any more examples with use of AG, please.
+1 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2012-12-10 00:30
Dear Ganapathi, you can see one more example with AG in KoBulChess Originals June 2012 (problem n.38) on the following link: kobulchess.com/.../...

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