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KoBulChess Selfmates 2016 Award
logo(14.12.2018) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Selfmates 2016. Many thanks to the judge Ivan Soroka. The award is open for claims for 1 month period.
KoBulChess Selfmates 2016 Award
Composers from Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine took part in the tourney, publishing 13 problems. Except for the prize winners, the level of the competition is not high. For the award I selected the following problems.
1.Qd8! (2.Sc3+ Kxe5 3.Qd6+ cxd6#)
1... Bxd1 2.Qd3+Kxe5 3.Qe4+ Kxe4#
1... Kxe5 2.Qd6+ Ke4+ 3.Qd5+ Rxd5#
1... fxe5 2.exf3+ Qxf3 3.Qd4+ exd4#
1... Bxe5 2.Qd5+ Kf4 3.Qd4+ Bxd4#
1... Sxe5 2.Qd3+ Bxd3+ 3.exd3+ Sxd3#
1Rxe5+ 2.Qd5+ Kf5 3.Sxe3+ Bxe3#
No doubt 776 is the best problem in this tourney, with very rich play. In the first group of variants, the black King moves three times to e5; Black blocks the e5-square three times, creating a battery which subsequently plays. Additionally, there is a nice 7thvariation with check to the white King and mate with a pinned white Queen.
Set play:
1Bxc5 2.Rd4+ Bxd4#
1Be5 2.Qd4+ Bxd4#
1d5 2.Qc4+ dxc4#
1.Qe5!(2.exd4+ A Sxg3#)
1Bc52.Qd4+ Bxd4#,
1Bxe32.Qd5+ Rxd5#
1Bxe52.Rd4+ Bxd4#,
1Bc3(xb2) 2.e4+ Sxg3#
1d5 2.Qe4+ dxe4#
1 Q(R)xa5 2.Q(x)b5+ Q(R)xb5#
The matrix was already used in a well-known beautiful problem by Uri Avner, see P1270281in pdb.dieschwalbe.de. But the idea of 759 differs from that of Avners problem. Here, the main idea is the black Bishops star combined with change of white continuations in 3 variations.
1.Rd6! zz
1 fxg6 2.Sg4 g5 3.Ke4 g6 4.Rxa5+ Kb4 5.Rb5+ Kc4 6.Se3+ Rxe3#
1 gxf6 2.Sf4 f5 3.Kd4 f6 4.Qa8+ Kxb5 5.Qc6+ Kb4 6.Sd3+ Rxd3#
Two very nice echo-hameleon mates in an economical setting.
a) 1.c8S! Kc5 2.Sb6 axb5#, 1.c8B! Kc5 2.Be6 axb5#
b) 1.d8Q! Kc5 2.Qg8 axb5#, 1.d8R! Kc5 2.Rd4 axb5#
Mixed Allumwandlung in the 2 solutions and twins.
1.Rg1! zz
1bxa6 2.Sd6+! Kxe5 3.Sf7+ Kf5 4.Rd1! axb55.Qxb5+ Re5 6.Rd5 Rxd5 7.Qd3+ Rxd3#
1b6 2.Sc6! bxa5 3.Kg3! Ke4 4.Qd4+ Kf5 5.Se7+ Rxe7 6.Sd6+ Kg5 7.Qe3+ Rxe3#
Two model echo mates in the middle of the board.
1...Kd7 2.Sf6+ Kc8 3.Qc4+ Rc7 4.Rc6 Kd8! 5.Qe4! Kc8 6.Qd3 Rxc6 7.Qa6+Rxa6#.
1.Re5! Kd7 2.Sf6+ Kc8 3.Qe6+ Rd7 4.Qg8+Rd8 5.Re8! Rxe8 6.Qg4+ Re6 7.Qc4+ Rc6.
Fata Morgana.
1.Sf3 Kf4 2.Kh5 Ke3 3.Rd5 Kf4 4.Qh6+ Ke4 5.Rd4+ Kf5 6.Sh2 gxh2 7.Rh4 Sg3#
1.Be5 Kh4 2.Sf3+ Kg4 3.Sd4 Kh4 4.Rc6 Kg4 5.Rg6+ Kh4 6.Bxg3+ Sxg3 7.Sf5+ Sxf5#.

Two unrelated solutions with model Knight mates.

Ivan Soroka,
IGM for chess compositions

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