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Articles collection: Fairings 1-5

chesspieces1This is collection of the first five issues of "Fairings" by Chris Feather. In these articles you will find an interesting examples of different types fairy pieces and conditions.


featherHere is the latest issue of Fairings (March 2012) by Chris Feather.


chess2The new issue of Fairings serie by Chris Feather is here.

The composing process of Olympic Tourney prizewinner problem

dkosThis short article presents the composing process of my fairy problem which won the 4th Prize of Olympic Tourney 2010.

Fairings No21 (February 2012)


 Here is the new issue of Fairings by Chris Feather.



   Here is the latest issue of the famous Feather's serie Fairings.

Black battery transformations after Bivalve underpromotions


     This is the second in a series of my short articles published in "Strate Gems" in 2006. The theme is "Black battery transformations after Bivalve underpromtions in Selfmates". 

Helpmates with multi Excelsiors and Q-promotions in white minimal form

CB Crete     This is the first part of my short article series published in "Strate Gems" in 2006. In this part the focus is on "Helpmates with multi Excelsiors and Queen promotios in white minimal form".



Fairings 19 (October 2011)byChris Feather



Fairings 18 (September 2011) byChris Feather

The Zabunov theme in selfmates


Article by Diyan Kostadinov, published in Orbit, issue 32

Mini lecture by Diyan Kostadinov - WCCC Jesi 2011

LectureHere are the examples used in the second mini-lecture by Diyan Kostadinov presented during the WCCC Jesi 2011.

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