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Fadil Abdurahmanovic & Mike Prcic 80 -JT
sgfadil.abdurahmanovicmike.prcic(13.01.2019) Here is the announcement of the Fadil Abdurahmanovic & Mike Prcic 80 -JT organized by Strate Gems.
KoBulChess Helpmates in 2 moves 2016 Award
logo(11.01.2019) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Helpmates in 2 moves 2016. Many thanks to the judge Shankar Ram! The award is open for claims for 1 month period.
Zoran Gavrilovski 50 JT - Award
zoran.gavrilovski(04.01.2019) Zoran Gavrilovski is one of the most talented and versatile composers in the world (and an editor of The Macedonian Problemist magazine). He has a lot of masterpieces and here you can see the Award of his 50th Jubilee Tourney which was in 5 sections: #2, #3, S#, H#2, H#n. In the article are included the problems of all winners (and the two selfmates by the bulgarian participant Petko Petkov), three selected compositions by Zoran and also a link to the full award.
Problem 972: K. Seetharaman - Helpmate
(04.01.2019) Wish you all a very Happy and successful new year!  Here is the first Helpmate for the year - a simple one showing check prevention. This should encourage all to attempt more complex themes!
Problem 971: Vaclav Kotesovec - Fairy (PWC)
vaclav.kotesovec(04.01.2019) Here is the first original for 2019! A fantastic fairy problem by Vaclav Kotesovec in the author's typical style.
Problem 970: Diyan Kostadinov - Selfmate
marti1(31.12.2018/23:59h) One of my most difficult and thematically rich selfmate composed few minutes before the end of year 2018 is here! I dedicate it to my daughter Martina! She turned 1 year old on 06.12.2018.
Happy new 2019 year to everybody!
Problems 968 & 969: Viktor Syzonenko - Selfmates
viktor.syzonenko(31.12.2018) Two selfmates by Viktor Syzonenko. Sorry for their view, but I hurry to just publish them before midnight. Will update them soon.
Problem 967: Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
kenan.velikhanov.new.docx(31.12.2018) New original by Kenan Velikhanov which is the last Helpmate for 2018.
Problems 965 & 966: Sergej Smotrov - Fairies (Masand, KoKo, Nightrider, Grasshopper)
sergej.smotrov(30.12.2018) Two Fairy originals by Sergej Smotrov.
Problems 963 & 964: Viktoras Paliulionis - Helpmates
viktoras.paliulionis(30.12.2018) Two wonderful Helpmates by Viktoras Paliulionis.
Problems 961 & 962: Viktor Syzonenko - Selfmates
viktor.syzonenko(30.12.2018) Two longmover selfmates by Viktor Syzonenko.
Problem 960: Manfred Rittirsch - Helpmate
manfred.rittirsch(30.12.2018) Nice Helpmate Meredith by Manfred Rittirsch.
Problem 959: Nikola Predrag - Helpmate
nikola.predrag(30.12.2018) Helpmate miniature with three solutions, Bristols and selfblocks after Gate-opening by Nikola Predrag.
Problem 958: Francesco Simoni - Helpmate
francesco.simoni(29.12.2018) A nice helpmate from Francesco Simoni. Three solution helpmates have a charm of their own. The unpin selfblock play is especially interesting in 958.
Problem 957: Grigory Atayants, Evgeniy Fomichev, Alexandr Sygurov - Threemover
grigory.atajantsevgeny.fomichevalexandr.sygurov(28.12.2018) Threemover with Valladao task by the Russian team.
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