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Problem 840: Valerio Agostini - Helpmate
valerio.agostini(31.07.2017) Grimshaws (even double) in helpmates have been shown many times. Can this neat meredith by Valerio escape anticipation?
Problem 839: Jean Hayman & Menahem Witztum - Helpmate
jean.haymanmenachem.witztum(30.07.2017) Welcome to the Israeli expert Jean Hayman who joins Menachem Witztum to give us a delightful  blend of Goethart & Gamage unpins!
Andrey Selivanov - 50 JT 2017
andrey.selivanov(05.07.2017) The Russian Chess Federation and the magazine “Chess composition” are announcing the chess composition competition dedicated to the semicentenary  jubilee of Andrey Selivanov, the Vice-President of the Russian Chess Federation. There are only 5 days left to the deadline, so you should hurry up to take a part into the tourney. Here are the six sections:
Problem 838: Krassimir Gandev - Fairy (Camel Rose, Reverse Pawn, Maximummer, Madrasi)
krassimir.gandev(04.07.2017) Super AUW by Krassimir Gandev in a style which is typical for him last few years. The problem is partially computer tested.
Problem 837: Petko Petkov - Fairy (SneK Chess Adverse)
petko.petkov(23.06.2017) The Bulgarian top composer GM Petko Petkov demonstrates a rich thematic complex with the opposite version of the SneK Chess fairy condition.
Problem 836: N. Shankar Ram - Fairy (Camel Rider, Madrasi)
chess1(29.05.2017) The Indian Fairy chess expert contributes an original after a long break. Welcome back Shankar! This Helpselfmate duplex is full of effects and has perfect unity.
Problem 835: Fadil Abdurahmanovic, Ioannis Kalkavouras - Helpmate
fadil.abdurahmanovicioannis.kalkavouras(22.05.2017) An excellent helpmate from Fadil Abdurahmanovic and Kalkavouras! Should be delight to solve.
Problem 834: Murali Karthikeyan, S. Manikumar - Helpmate
murali.karthikeyanmanikumar.s(21.05.2017) Welcome to Murali Karthikeyan, 18 year old Grandmaster from India. I am happy to publish his first composed problem, a nice Tanagra showing three underpromotions, an echo-mate and neat exchange of function! He is already a keen solver finishing third in the Junior section of the ISC two years ago and has a healthy solving rating of 2313. We welcome and expect more from him.
Problem 833: Aleksey Oganesjan, Vitaly Medintsev, Anatoly Skripnik - Helpmate
aleksey.oganesjanvitaly.medintsevanatoly skripnik(16.05.2017) Welcome to Anatoly Skripnik who joins the other two Russian experts to show a complex blend of promotions, selfpins and unpins! They needed the full black army to control the small white force!
Problem 832: Ioannis Kalkavouras - Helpmate

ioannis.kalkavouras(16.05.2017) A nice long helpmate from Greece.

Problem 831: Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
kenan.velikhanov.new.docx(01.05.2017) Kenan's helpmate meredith has two pairs of reciprocal play with a nice echo-mate.
Problem 830: Petko Petkov - Fairy (HS#)
petko.petkov(30.04.2017)  GM Petko Petkov has been supporting the website for many years with ideas, advices and was a judge for several times. Now he published his first original in a KoBulChess IT. Warm welcome to the top bulgarian composer and the leader of the world ranking! Here he present a perfect help-selfmate with triple chameleon echo model mates and anti-critical moves in clear form of Meredith.
Problem 829: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover
leonid.makaronez(30.04.2017) A traditional style threemover from the Israeli master.
Problem 828: R.Phani Bhushan & S.Manikumar & K.Seetharaman - Selfmate
phani.bhushanmanikumar.sseetharaman.kalyan(29.04.2017) Welcome to R. Phani Bhushan in KoBulChess! Together with S. Manikumar and our co-editor Seetharaman they present a selfmate with five neat variations. Similar problems are well known so we hope there is no direct anticipation.
Problem 827: Srecko Radovic & Nebojsa Joksimovic - Helpmate
srecko.radovicnebojsa.joksimovic(29.04.2017)  An excellent miniature from the Serbian duo with an interesting try!
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