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Chess problems
Problem 939: Valery Shanshin - Twomover
valery.shansin(20.12.2018) The Russian grandmaster shows an excellent White correction and threat correction play in his nice twomover.
Problem 938: Zivko Janevski - Helpmate
zivko.janevski(20.12.2018) Another remarkable cyclic Zilahi from the Macedonian grandmaster, with excellent white economy! 
Problems 936 & 937 (canceled): Abdelaziz Onkoud - Helpmate
abdelaziz.onkoud(19.12.2018) The problems are canceled because was published again by mistake and they doubled already published originals by the author. We apologise.
Problem 935: Suleyman Abdullayev - Twomover
suleyman.abdullayev(19.12.2018) A simple twomover from Abdullayev. Hope this will encourage him to try more complex themes!
Problem 932 to 934: R.Phanibhushan - Helpmate
phanibhushan(14.12.2018) Welcome to Dr. Phanibhushan from India, who is obviously talented. While the unpins are wellknown, his doubling of the Bristol (935) in both solutions is a delight !
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